Pink Mission Briefing

The back of a pink feather card for the Yes & No game. This pink card has two phrases on it that help guide play, and a large white stylized feather icon.
The back of a pink card. Feather on this side, letter and gibberish on reverse.

You’ve made contact with someone from another culture. Their language is different from any you’ve encountered before, their body shape is unfamiliar to you, and the educational materials you received before this mission were clearly insufficient.

Nevertheless, you’re committed to connecting and creating an enjoyable experience together.

So you picked some letter-names of body-parts they’re rumored to have, and some of the verbs associated with them.

Ask for help to learn & connect!

A sample letter-card for Yes & No. It has a pink border, sentence stems to help players generate nonsense proposals, a big capital letter E, and a list of gibberish words to choose from.
A sample letter-card for Yes & No. Notice that there are sentence stems, and a bunch of gibberish words.

On your turn, draw a letter card (the back is pink, with a feather).

Pick a gibberish word from the card, or make one up, and propose to do that thing to the letter. For example, if you drew N you might propose to jova another player’s N.

Don’t worry that you don’t know what it means. They’ll tell you. You may have to ask for instruction or a demo—because you’ve never jova’d anything, much less their N.

And if you want to do that thing, and they want you to, then go ahead. Ask them how to do it!