Green Mission Briefing

bodybackYou accepted this meeting with someone from another culture in hopes that you could create an enjoyable connection.

Your people sent their people the standard educational materials provided to all the children of your community.

But clearly something was lost in translation. You’ll have to help them learn your culture if you are going to respect each other, have a good time, and accomplish your mission.

What’s that mission?
To connect and play, of course.

Another player (pink) will propose some nonsense, like “I’d like to weth your R,” but they have no idea what it means.
You get to make it up.

A body map card for the Yes & No game.
A body map card for the Yes & No game.

Refer to your green body-map card to find the letter they’re asking to do the nonsense to. If you don’t have one, tell them so.

If you don’t want them to do what you made up—composing a poem to your nose, touching your finger, or whatever, simply say “no, thank you.” They won’t. But if you do, tell them how!

After all green-player yesses are explored, the pink turn is over and a new player takes that role.