Mission Protocol Overview

Maybe you’re facilitating this meeting of cultures. Maybe you’re one of the entities involved, wanting to get an overview of how this goes.

This is a collaborative event. We win together by connecting and having a good time.

Any player may decline an activity at any time, even if it has already begun. When an activity is done or declined, players thank each other & switch.

Players leave the game when they choose; new players may be added when it feels good.

Each turn:

  1. One player (pink) proposes an activity (in gibberish, not knowing what it means) and a location (as a letter, not knowing what part of any other player’s body it might be, or whether it even exists).
  2. Another player (green) finds that location on their bodymap (or says “I don’t have one”), and makes up what the activity is. They then decline or accept, as they choose. If they accept, they describe the activity and the location to the first player.
  3. Once the two players are satisfied that they understand what they’ve agreed to, they enact it.