Designer’s Notes

This game’s direct ancestors include May I Touch Your Zorch and the pink feather mechanic from Just a Little Loving. Thanks to Elizabeth Allen for teaching me the first of those, and to Julia Ellingboe, Kat Jones, & Moyra Turkington for teaching me the second. Thanks to Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, and the Hendricks Institute, for providing the body map over which I drew to create half the cards and one of the game’s icons; our continuing collaboration is a reliable source of delight in my life.

Thanks to Games to Gather, the Game Garden, and my fellow Game Gardeners for playtesting and encouragement; to Charlie Cleveland for illuminating the rapid game development path with Moonlight; to my gaming pals of old for keeping the dream alive; and most of all to my partner Suz for patience, support, and amazing editing collaboration.

My intention is for this game to connect us — with ourselves, and with each other — through play, silliness, and human contact. It was inspired by so many games that were meant to teach us how to negotiate important and serious things like consent and safety, but which came off in so many cases as stodgy, rigid, and teachy, or as being entirely too adult, mature, and/or sexual for some players to engage with. My hope is that instead we can use this (and the many new ways I’m sure you’ll invent to play with it) to generate fun together, laugh, and enjoy playful friendly touch.


Some playtesters have agreed to be listed publicly. Maybe you’d like to join them.

This Game is Still In Development

Although this game is entirely playable, and I’ve literally had strangers in bars ask to play it, I consider it to still be in development. I have a list of ideas to try out, but I need feedback from players like you about what it’s like for you to play, what’s still confusing, and how you feel along the way. The most helpful thing would be videos of actual play, including (especially) the part where you explain it to new players. Email me — I’m — or come participate in the forums that don’t exist yet here at conversation about the game on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.

Venn Wylde